Monday, September 26, 2011


well its getting to that point of uncertanity again.... they tried to push jeremy and move his oxygen down more last night and he couldnt tolerate it. he spiked another fever and they were forced to move his oxygen back up to where it had been and to put him back on a little airway pressure. not sure if its still the RDS (respiratory distress symdrome) or pneumonia or both or is there something else going on that they arent sure about yet. incision still looks good and lungs sound ok. docs are just getting a little chicken now about sending him tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY HE COMES TO US TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! i will find out via phone call about 2 or 3 am our time tonight when they make the final decision. i told the nurse that he needs to know he has a goal. that when he is "awake" they need to tell him that he has a chance to come home but he has to be stable enough to do it.  i know that this info will help him. he is such a goal oriented person and once you give him a task he will do it and to the best of his ability (i am sure all his panther and catamount brothers are going heck ya he will!!) i watched our prayers work to bring him to a place stable enough to fly on and i think that they just tried to push him too fast. he needs to stay where he is and he will be able to fly home. trying to convince the docs of this fact is another story. please continue to pray for his healing, for safe travels and for strength for our family. its getting harder and harder to stay so strong for him.  


  1. Prayers are with your family. Gods healing hand be upon your husband.

  2. Erica, if it helps calm your nerves, it can sometimes take several, several attempts to wean a person off of oxygen. It's like a drug. You can't just quit cold turkey or bad things will happen. June was intubated for about a month and only made it to the C-Pap after four or so tries. Can they fly him intubated? I can't remember. Still praying!