About Me

Yep, this picture sums it up perfectly! Welcome to my blog about our crazy life!
 I am SO happy you have joined us.
I admit, this blog is evolving....a lot. It started as just a way to put out info to friends and family about Jeremys injuries and progress so I wouldn't have to re-type it 8,642 times. (For the story on how he was injured click here). And now that He has made such amazing progress, I decided it was high time to start sharing more about our amazing life, and more importantly, our amazing faith.  

Jeremy and I were married in December of 2004 during his Christmas exodus from basic training for the Army. After completing basic, AIT, and Airborne school we moved to Ft Bragg, NC. There we welcomes Jackson in June of 2006. Jeremy deployed to Iraq with 1-505 Infantry battalion, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, when Jackson was just 2 months old. So baby and I packed up and headed home to Kansas City. 15 months later we finally welcomed our soldier home. It was a long 15 months. Jeremy was injured twice during that deployment and surviving both was nothing short of a miracle (apparently the first of many for our family).

After his return, we moved to Ft Benning, GA for a much needed break from the regular infantry life. He was an instructor for the Stryker/Bradley University at Ft Benning. There we welcomed Brooklyn in January of 2009. My pregnancy and her healthy birth was our next miracle from God. She tried to come early (at 33 and 35 weeks), which is what prompted my involvement in March of Dimes. I began walking in March for Babies in the spring of 2009 in honor of our childrens healthy births.

As our time at Benning wore down, Jeremy reenlisted for a position at Ft Drum, NY. Who picks Northern NY right?! WE DID! And we loved it up there. After 10 months, and a very harsh first winter at Drum, Jeremy deployed to Afghanistan.I enjoyed my first year as captain of the March for Babies team, Fort Drum Moms, and in 2011 we raised almost $800 for March of Dimes. (wanna hear more about our team? click here).   Then this blog started in September of 2011 after his injuries.

. Our life at Drum was nothing short of amazing. I was involved in PWOC  (ministry and bible study for women), and made the most amazing group of friends. We called ourselves the "deploymates". Without them I would not have survived the first few hours after that phone call. They prayed over me, helped with the kids, and didn't leave my side. They were an answered prayer. I also loved being able to host coffee socials at my house at least twice a month.

In November of 2012 we made our final Army sponsored move back to Kansas City for his retirement. Its been quite a journey since being home but we have been so blessed. The kids love being around family and we have made new friends and found a new church. Jeremy is going to school at Kansas City Kansas Community College where he is studying to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I am currently the Prek coordinator at our church and am also helping to coach a middle school girls 5k team and mentor program. Those girls keep me young! Jackson is in second grade now and loves his school. He also recently joined Cub Scouts. That is a whole new adventure for us! Brooklyn is enjoying her new prek class and is learning new things everyday. 

We also love our church home here. We attend Village Community Church and have been so blessed with multiple ministry opportunities there. We owe everything we have to God. There is no doubt in our mind that His will, His grace, His mercy, and His love are all that matters. We accept Jesus Christ as our one and only Savior and have been so blessed to be able to begin teaching our children all about how AWESOME our God is.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at simon.erica22@gmail.com (come on people no spam please!!!!!). Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing journey with us! God bless!