Thursday, September 29, 2011

i waited 6 months for that kiss!!!!!

he looks better than i hoped! off the ventilator which means his tongue is still swollen so his speech is slurred. but he is "there". he def has a long recovey ahead. doc said his lung function and enduance may never be the same but i have a feeling he will prove them wrong. he is aleady so sick of the hospital bed and it sucks cause he cant get comfy since he is still hooked up to so many wires. i think by this time next week i will see another huge change in him. it may have been small and quick but i still cant believe i got to kiss him. i am only across the street at the fisher house (thank God for this place!!!!) but i do still feel so far away from him. we are scheduled to fly to dc tmrw together!!!!! as excited as i am, my heart is breaking for the other 10th family that is here and most likely saying goodbye to their solider. i am asking all my prayer warriors to lift them up in prayer as well. i cant release any names just please know that they need every ounce of hope we can provide through prayer. i am just so thankful to have jeremy alive and hear him say i love you again. :) well i will try to update one last time in the morning before we head out. love you all!!!!!

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