Monday, September 26, 2011

90% chance I am headed to Germany

it still isnt official until docs do rounds in a couple of hours but basically jeremy isnt tolerating being off sedation and or off the vent. he is extremly agitated, scared, hyperventilates, stats drop, then they have to re-sedate him. doesnt matter if he is "awake" and on vent or if he is semi sedated and they try to turn down the vent and let him breathe on his own. beth (the most amazing night nurse!) said he starts having trouble breathing when they try to wean him off the vent so then he starts breathing to fast, thrashing and overall freaking out. i know he is probably going to kill me for writing all this about him but oh well. its his own fault! =) love you babe!
anyways.....he is hard to reason with when he is like this and has to be sedated again. beth thinks if they would leave him in the heavy sedation he would be FINE on the vent to fly. the problem is convincing the docs, especially the flight doc of this. she said lung issues are the hardest to get them to have fly. it carries the most risk for easy complication with the many pressure changes throughout the flight. beth thinks though that if i am there i will be able to calm him and keep him from freaking out so much and either help get him off the vent to fly or at least keep him calm enough on it to be able to fly on friday. so still praying that he comes to us (sedated) today (cause its after midnight here) but the chances of it happening are very slim. better brush on my german. ha! this is what i get for taking latin in high school! going to try and get a nap in (orders from beth) and keep praying that we get a solid answer in the next 3 hours. promise to update when i know more. on the plus side my mom is here so i know the kids are gonna be ok (although the princess is still awake watching toy story 2 with mimi downstairs. its cause i have been on the phone so much tonight.... she refuses to sleep when we dont follow her routine. darn little princess).

i have to admit i am scared and excited all at the same time. no matter what i will have a solid answer on him by morning. thats awesome. just praising God tonight that wonderful people are taking care of him and that we have such an amazing family who can support us all through this. we are so blessed. going to go be "courageous" and sleep.

and to his brothers: he flipped off the nurse when she told him not to try and take the tube out......sounds like simon right!?!? =)

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  1. He FLIPPED the nurse off?! Go Jeremy! I want to high-five him! What a fighter. That shows you he's not giving up! When June was two weeks old, they laid her on her belly and she did not like it so she flipped herself over....WITH a breathing tube in! These two are peas in a pod. ;)