Tuesday, September 27, 2011

leaving tomorrow

well got my travel orders. leaving syracuse tomorrow around 10, then to DC have a ride to the state dept to get my passport, then back to dulles to get on a plane to frankfort. i leave DC around 7pm and arrive in germany thursday morning around 9am. that means i should have a whole 24 hours with him before he hopefully flys to DC. excited and scared all at the same time. just glad i dont have to be up SUPER EARLY! the good news is he knows i am coming and there isnt any real huge change in his condition. about to call for an update since shift change is over. yea for PLANS! so please pray for safe travel and of course his continues healing and that he wont kick my ass for coming to germany to be with him. :)


  1. Safe, uneventful travels for you! I pray that your presence is just what your hubby needs. (Saw your blog linked on Faith Deployed.)

  2. Safe travels! Prayers are being sent up on his behalf!