Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Sept 24 AM

Just talked to his nurse. He said no major changes and everything is looking good. Def not going to make flight tomorrow but they are trying to get him stable enough to fly out Tuesday! His 02 levels are down to 50% (thats 20% more room air than last night!!!) which is AWESOME! it means his lungs are working to get rid of the fluid! they said his bp stays stable until they roll him to keep him from getting sores. then it drops for 30 min or so but comes back up. said all his meds except antibiotics are on low doses, he just needs that little extra help. only bad news is they dont know yet if there may be nerve damage from the wound in his right arm. he CAN move his fingers on that side but because its bandaged up they cant ask him to do more. not sure if it was shrapnel or a bullet that went in his arm but it went right between his bones! i know his arm will be just fine. he may have to do some physical therapy on it to get it back up to normal but i think he will be FINE. as long as he can grip a baseball he will be all good!!!! going to try again tonight to call and talk to him since i slept through my alarm last night to do it. so all in all a good report!!!! keep praying everyone! still have a LONG road but i know in my heart God is bigger than this. my friend stephanie gave me an awesome quote this morning

"dont tell God how big your storm is; let God tell the storm how big HE is!"

total reminder that this is all for His glory and that whatever He has in store for us is so much better than anything we could ever imagine. Thank you all again for all the love and support and to my local friends thanks for the meals!!! not having to worry about cooking has freed me up to make sure i have everything ready to go to DC! thank you again!


  1. Someone told me that while June was in the hospital -- it is SO true! You should check out the song "Your Cries Have Awoken the Master" by The Martins. I promise will bawl your eyes out...but it is such a good song.

  2. The Brothers of Delta Company 1-505 PIR past and current are all pulling for a speedy recovery.