Saturday, September 24, 2011

i got to "talk" to him!!!!!!!

I GOT TO TELL HIM "I LOVE YOU"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to jump for joy and cry all at the same time!!!!! bethany was hoping i could calm him down cause he was getting "feisty", didnt work, i only got a min cause his heart rate went up, he started making faces, and she needed to put him back under. but i was able to tell him that i love him, that the kids are i are ok, that i am so glad he is going to be ok, to get better and that people around the world are praying for him. it was very hard to stay calm and just talk slowly. i dont think my heart rate is gonna calm down!!!!!! so much for sleep tonight! probably gonna call bethany back in a few minutes and make sure he is back to sleep. so yea for I LOVE YOUS!!!!!!!!!

ps: called and he is back out! whew!  :D LOVE YOU BABY!!!!

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  1. How wonderful! I can feel your excitement. God is with him through all this and He brings comfort to your family. Still praying!