Friday, March 30, 2012

Growing in Gods perfect grace

A couple of weeks ago (when the weather was amazingly warm) the kids and I planted some seeds for our garden this year. Since we live in on-post housing we have to do all container gardens. This makes my selection of things to grow a bit smaller but fun anyways. I love watching these tiny plants grow as much as my kids do. And its such an awesome tangible way to show them how awesome God is.

So this year we have planted carrots, lettuce, green beans, sweet basil, oregano, and lavender. I also plan on planting blue potatoes if I can ever get around to going back to Lowes to pick up the starters.

I have been in awe of just how fast they are all coming up!!!!! It has been a reminder to me this past week of just how quickly god can change something in our life. How one tiny seed of an idea, or thought, or emotion, can be so quickly transformed into something useful in His kingdom. How awesome is our God?!

For me, I see God really growing our faith as a family. I see Him really starting to use us for things that have been in the works for months. I am so proud of how our family has changed and grown. I am so proud to say that I know we will be ok.

How is God growing in you this week?


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