Friday, March 23, 2012


I meant to post these pics the other night but totally forgot (this is what happens when you go to a welcome home ceremony at 1:30am!!!!!) Main body 11 comes in today and just makes my heart swell to see so many of our guys finally home. 2 more flights and thats it! then everyone will be home!!! but for us, all our "boys" are home. its incredible. I had to share the pics of main body 10 because well.... you will see. ;)

Riley, Simon (my <3), and Dutton before the ceremony

Formation. I can see the Lt!!!!

Riley was just a little excited to see Carman

the Lt and his minions this pictures makes me so happy!

so there you have it. our little army family is finally all back together. I am so super excited for my friends that are getting their husbands back today and in the coming week. SO glad this deployment is over!!!!!!!!


  1. Little did I know when I clicked on your button on Sew Many Ways FAFF that I would be sobbing & smiling. What I thought might be a great organizational tip turned into a beautiful, heart-wrenching & inspirational story. As a former Navy corpsman (back before you were born!), I take great interest in your husband's continuing progress.

    What a strong woman you are, even though there were probably days you sure didn't feel that way.

    The words of "O God, Our Help in Ages Past" keep going through my head.
    "Our shelter from the stormy blast"
    "Sufficient is Thine arm alone"
    "Be Thou our guard while troubles last"

    You, Jeremy and your little ones are in my prayers. My God continue to bless and protect you as you continue in your life & faith journey.

    1. Thank you! the blog started as just a way to put info out without having to retype it 5 times on fb, emails etc. its been a long journey but an amazing one. God really showed us how much bigger he is than the storm!!! Thank you so much for the prayers. it means the world to us. blessings to you and yours!