Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my sleepy child

So my close friends and family know that my daughter is notorious for falling asleep in random places and random times. No this is not a disorder of any kind, she falls asleep when tired (aka late afternoon nap) so I am not concerend but man when she is OUT she is OUT! Girl even sleeps with her eyes cracked open when really dead to the world. (Seriously she looks DEAD!) When she was little bitty I would have to put my hand on her chest to make sure she was still breathing, thats how gone she gets. So today she made me crack up with her exhaustion and I thought I would share some of her most awesome moments passed out. (She will probably kill me when she is 15 but oh well!)
Enjoy my sleeping beauty!

didnt even finish her lunch

this would be the creepy eye open thing!
yes she was REALLY asleep

oh the viking. this one was classic. she wore this to bed one night and actually fell asleep in it. mommys little warrior.
a friend pointed out that she is signing "I love you" after I posted it to fb. <3
She was still half wearing her spider-man costume

I think she was TIRED!

This was today. She woke up when I tried to move her. She was already rubbing her eyes when I took the pic.

So there is my sweet sleepy girl. Now of course She is bouncing off the walls and I am totally jealous of her energy. I think right now she is in a growth spurt. She is hungry all the time and sleeping a lot more than normal. And she is cutting her last set of molars. Poor thing. I hope you enjoyed a little peak into our life here. Please excuse any mess in the photos. I am all for the sign thats floating all over pinterest:  
I dont have a source, My link on pinterest was from Google. So if you can take credit pease let me know!


  1. Hi Erica, found you through FAFF over at Sew Many Ways. I love this post about your daughter sleeping any and everywhere. My brother once fell asleep in a recliner at a home store in the middle of a mall. He was sleeping with his mouth open. =) Anyway, I've enjoyed the few posts that I've read and look forward to reading more about your journey since your husband's injury. Thank him for me, for serving our country and doing his part to keep us safe!

    -Your newest follower
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  2. Ha Ha, I totally relate. My son could and did sleep in many a different pose and spot. He also sleep walked so you never knew where he may end up. Luckily he has grown out of that one. I love that last saying, fits me to a tea so I must have been a good mom. Luckily my kids don't have too many complaints atleast none that they are telling me. :) Have a blessed Easter!
    ~ Terrie @