Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs

Well trying to make the best of this very Good Friday here at the Simon house. Ran to Wmart to get dye so we could (finally) do eggs. They were seriously OUT! Ok so thanks to the fabulous Pinterest I was saved. KOOL-AID! My house doesn't reak of vinegar (although I may do that kind tomorrow) and the kids had a blast helping me set it all up.
Best of all, THIS is what we ended up with!!!!

Here is the original tutorial I used from Hey! Jen Renee.
It was so easy!!!!!!!!

  It smelled like summer!               I love having lots of craft supplies         He was way too excited


    Some of the coloring came out A.MAZ.ING!

I love how they turned out. Well onto my next adventure of the day. Braving the Commissary for milk. Remind me why I forgot to get it at Wmart? Have a very blessed weekend!!!!!!!

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