Monday, April 16, 2012

ahhhh spring.

Tomorrow I will probably regret writing this. I will wonder why on earth I claim to love this area so much when the gray and dreary rainy days come back. But for now I am going to just enjoy the days we have had with beautiful, sunny(ish), warm days. ahhhhhh spring.

We took the kids to the New York state Zoo at Thompson Park on Saturday. We adore Thompson Park. not only is it over a century old, its still so beautiful. The kids love playing on the giant wooden playground and getting to enjoy a picnic lunch with the family is always a plus. Biggest bonus: it ALWAYS wears the kids out and they fall asleep on the way home!!!! ;-)

J with one of the snakes. He LOVES those things
can you see the crazy horn on this goat!!!!?? its INSANE!

meet the newest "catamount"!! My husbands previous unit (known as the Catamounts) sponsors this exhibit!
J in the eagles nest. seriously kid stop growing!!!
B didnt quite get the whole put your arms out thing.

Yesterday we had another awesome service at Life Church. Me and my bff were both in tears at different points of the service. I got to be reminded (again) that God is in control, He wants to help me, wants to see me bring glory to Him, and will be faithful to us no matter what. I just have to trsut Him 100%. Man is that hard. I am so thankful that I have some amazing friends here though that can help see me through my darkest days. We spent lunch out with my bff and her hubby and kids. We had a great time and got to laugh a lot. Thankfully our kids do so well together that it isnt even that stressful to have a table of 9 where the kids outnumber the adults!

 But the best part of all about yesterday was that JACKSON LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! AT TARGET! Thankfully our Target has the most AMAZING pharmacist who was able to give me a baggie to put it in. She also gave J a lollipop for being so awesome (B got one too cause she has Miss Barbara wrapped around her little finger!) He is so excited! Tooth Fairy came and went last night and left $5!!!! LUCKY!

Today B and I are rocking out at home. I have some usual stuff like laundry and dishes to do as well as about a zillion phone calls to make! J and I are overdue for dental cleanings (and he needs x-rays), and I hate hate hate going to the dentist. Also need to make lots of March for Babies fundraising calls. We are not even close to meeting our goal yet and I am bound and determined to get there! Wanna help?! Visit Ok Time to put on my big girl panties and work on the house and phone calls. Wish me luck!!!

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