Sunday, February 5, 2012

Operation Organize this house!

About a week ago I made a command decision that we had to invest some money to get the house organized. I did spend a bit more than planned (hey Target had great deals!!) but its been so worth it. Best part has been the closets. I found the easiest, cheapest way to get them organized AND look awesome! 12x12x10" cardboard boxes from wally-world with a piece of 12x12" scrapbook paper on the front. My laundry room is so bright and colorful now! I dont mind being in there nearly as much as I used to! ;) And the ones in here cost me a whopping $8.60! That includes the 42 extra pages of scrapbook paper I have from the pack I bought!

I also did the kids' closets. My kids are SPOILED!!!!! This is after getting rid of quite a bit of stuff! Its been great though because now it takes all of 5 minutes to get their rooms clean.

Oh yeah thats a LOT of dress-up and baby dolls! The shelves are the only big addition. I put in the dressup clothes hooks at Christmas after I figured out she needed a better place to put ALL her dress-up stuff.

The best part is the boxes on the top shelf match their rooms. his room is baseball and hers is becoming pink/purple butterflies. I was shocked to see how well the shelves fit in his closet. All three shelves are the $15 ones from wally-world.
Im sorry I dont have before pictures but lets just say it was a HOT mess before I redid it! I have also redone our linen closet based off a blog on Delightful Order
Here is the link to the post about linen closet.
I will post pics of it after I finish the tags for baskets.
I just wanted to share what we have been up to while getting ready for our big trip to DISNEY! Trust me there will lots to blog about during that trip!
 'Til then enjoy the journey!!!!!!!

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