Saturday, February 11, 2012

Operation Family: Part 1

As many of you know we have been planning a surprise for the kids! Well it started Thursday! We left at o-dark-thirty for the airport and had a pretty decent flight to the most magically place on Earth. So far my only complaint has been the cheer moms. Oh yeah, its UCA National HS cheer competition down here this weekend. But let me tell you my 5yo is loving it. He has already been grinning about the cheerleaders! ;-)
yesterday we spent the ENTIRE day at Magic Kingdom. It was a really long day but full of wonderful memories. Seeing B get to light up to see her favorite princesses was priceless! i think j's favorite was space mountain. he has had so much fun being able to ride all the roller coasters. and seeing them both just in awe and happy was exactly what we needed. I was in tears for sure during the nighttime show with the fireworls. They actually cover the castle with pictures from the day from around the park. The projections onto the castle were so beautiful and it ended with the lantern scene from Tangled. It looked like the castle was covered in the lanterns going up. SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was spent at Hollywood studios. trying to fit everything in was really tough but we got the main points done that we wanted to hit. i doubt i will get j back on tower of terror but thats ok. poor kid is never ready for the first drop. he LOVED the aerosmith coaster though. B had a blast doing the shows. she got to see beauty and the beast and her favorite friends at disney jr live on stage. the worst moment for me though was at lunch. when jeremy was getting food inside pizza planet a girl from a table next to us ran off. i spent the next 10 agonozing minutes trying to help this mom find her daughter who had gone inside pizza planet to try and find her dad. the cast members were great but it was still very very scary. we had just all been sitting there while the hubbies went to grab the food (it was very busy), and then she was gone. i was so proud of my kids who when i suggested praying for her they were all for it. she was found safe and sound but not without giving her mother a heart attack first. it reminded me that i need to take of a pic of the kids every morning so if they get lost i can pull out my phone and say "they look like THIS, in THIS outfit". ok its time to go grab the clothes out of the dryer downstairs ( i know, i should stay down there....). There is just something about this place that is so magical. And even though we are so tired and sore and actually COLD its been amazing so far.
(ps: more pics after we get home! and yes the house is being watched......  ;)  )

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