Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today is a better day

Well yesterday after i posted was kind of rough. Jeremy was ok but it seemed like we had to fight to get his basic care done. At shift change i felt a lot better and confident that his pain was going to be better controlled and he would be better taken care of. So i went back to the hotel to sleep. Bad idea! He had a bad night, getting sick, having to try and hold himself up while doing so (not ok!!!!!). So when pain management team doc and his surgeon from yesterday came by this morning we expressed our concerns and they were PISSED. dr. Malone (surgeon) flat out said people could lose their jobs. I now have her card and have been ordered to call if we have ANY issues. She apologized profusely said it was totally unacceptable and pain doc was mad that he wasnt notified of jeremys problems controlling his pain. I hate that "heads are gonna roll" but the lack of care yesterday sucked.
Everything is going so much better today though!!!! He is way more comfortable and seems to be feeling a bit better. Even held his O2 stats at 94+ while off the oxygen when we were getting him cleaned up and changed into his sunday best (aka the pretty striped blue hospital gown! Lol!). Thats seriosuly great progress! Got him his wounded warrior quilt and a good pillowcase so he is feeling a little more at home.
Also got to check on kevin, the 21yo soldier who was on the medevac flight with us is going to get to keep his right arm! PTL!!! Lots of surgerys and wont have 100% use of it but still will be tons TONS better than losing it. So overall today has been much better. Cant wait to talk to his whole team of docs tmrw and get a full report and care plan in place. Lots and lots of info, meetings, therapists (physical, occupational etc), and paperwork for me (finance, woohoo!). Keep praying y'all! Its working wonders! 

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