Friday, October 7, 2011

I am simply amazed

Jeremy has had another good day even though his anxiety is bad today. Hey it happens, mine hasnt exactly been controlled lately! Lol! His went downstairs for occupational therapy and did really well that is until they had to peel him off the ceiling when a balloon popped!!!  Got my papers done for coming home to drum, and had lunch with him then rode the metro (scary!) to downtown and went sightseeing! Met up with inlaws to see the white house and when i got back found out we saw the 1985 chicago bears superbowl team on the grounds meeting president obama! Da bears!
Now we are waiting to meet back up with inlaws and have dinner. I still gotta do some laundry for j and pack for my flight tomorrow. Sad to be going but so glad that i am able to leave jeremy in capable hands. =D so thankful that God has given us the chance to grow closer through this experience.
Simple amazed......

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