Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look ma! No tubes!

Today has been another eventful day. Not only did he get the feeding tube out this afternoon, but he also got to shower, shave, and is up and walking like a champ. I am simply amazed at how far God has brought him in the last week. A week ago we were worried that he couldnt tolerate being off the vent. Werent sure what i was going to see in germany. I am simply amazed.....
We have also been so humbled by the amazing people who volunteer their time here. Not only did the uso serve a fab lunch for families today, but jeremy also recieved 2 new coins today. 1 from "marines care", and one from the under secretary of the navy!! Tomorrow he is scheduled to recieve his purple heart. Not sure who all that entails but i will have my makeup on! Lol! And also met a couple who is going around to all the armed forces blood centers and donating blood. Considering we found out that jeremy had almost 50 units in all during his surgery we were so very thankful for their sacrifice. Its also amazing how much quicker paperwork can get done here. All mine is now done (as much as can be for this stage), his mom and bro have their orders and are coming tomorrow, and his purple heart papers are done! I seem to remember those taking a lot longer last go round! So excited to see the fam tomorrow!!!! =D
Best news of all is that everyone is working very hard to get him moved to drum as soon as possible. I am so thankful that God has placed so many of these people in our lives. Each day here has been a gift from the most high king.
Thank you Lord....

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  1. Glad to hear that he's doing great, I would love to and see him sometime, are they allowing visitors? If so, and it's OK with you send me an email adam.ellsworth@usarec.army.mil, Take care, SSG Adam Ellsworth