Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Frame on Kid Craft Tuesday

I love the Halloween craft the kids and I made last year

My inspiration came from this blog last year:

I cant begin to tell you how easy and fun these were. We added something else to ours. Thumbprint spiders! I believe I found the idea for those in a magazine last year though for the life of me I cant find the exact source! (If you know it please tell me so I can update!)
Since I used the above link to make mine I wont go into details on how to paint/glue on the eyes. Its pretty easy to follow. The thumbprint spiders were just as easy.
  • Cut the cardstock to fit inside frame.
  • Have little ones dip their thumb into desired paint color and press onto center of paper.
  • Let dry!
  • Using a ball point pen (or in our case a Sharpie no-bleed fine tipped pen), draw on the string and all 8 legs. I did the one on my 3yo's but I let my 6yo do his own.
  •  Finally glue on the google eyes and let dry. Place in your finished google eye frame and enjoy!

FYI: The spiders in the frame are from this last week. I decided I will let the kids do new ones every year. Last years were just as cute though!

Happy Halloween crafting!

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  1. That's a very awesome craft! I'd love to try that one. I've been looking for some easy Halloween crafts that I can try with my kids for this year's halloween. Thanks for sharing.