Saturday, September 29, 2012

Did you miss me?

Sorry folks. Summer fun and the stress of the 1-year anniversary of Jeremy's injuries got the better of me. I really really REALLY want to make this blog work. I think it can. I have been blessed to follow some other amazing bloggers and the guilt I have felt over not posting anything has been eating away at me. I am so sorry that I have not been updating it.

This month has been especially hard. Not only did we have some added stress of things going wrong with the property we own in another state (UGH!), both children being in school 5 days a week for the first time, but we also made it to Jeremy's very first "Alive Day"!


By far its been the biggest hurdle. He is doing AMAZING. The difference a year makes!!! He shocks me on a regular basis with just how much he can do now that he couldn't do even 6 months ago. We are so blessed. The other news that goes along with this is that he finally got his retirement/disability ratings. It means we are leaving.


Too soon for me. I love our life here. And I have been praying hard for strength and clarity through it all. The direction God wants us to go in still seems so foggy. I feel like most days I am still stumbling around in the darkness. That darkness is filled with an ever growing to-do list, a house that never seems to stay clean, and all the worry that comes with any Army move times like 1000. The darkness sucks. Not being able to see what the next step is sucks. Thank God I have a strong, amazing, supportive husband who puts up with all my complaining. Thank God I have wonderful, just-as-nutso-as-me friends who remind me that we WILL get everything done. And Thank God I have beautiful children who keep me going everyday.

Which brings me to our adventures today. I had a to-do list that was a mile long this morning. We should have stayed home. I would have ended the day frustrated. There would have been whining, kids fighting, yelling, and feeling guilty cause I hadn't gotten as much done as I liked and yelled too much and didn't pay enough attention to the kids......and on and on and on. It would have been like far too many days lately.

This morning was different. While we were all still in pj's (don't think this was early, it was like 10am!) I made the crazy suggestion that we go to the zoo. No, not the one 10 min from our house that we can walk through in less than 30min, the one that's an hour away that costs us double to go to thanks to gas prices. Thankfully my husband saw that I was serious. See my kids were sad because we couldn't go to the Georgia Aquarium and see the dolphins. This was thanks to the program we saw on tv about how they built it, trained the dolphins, etc. Man do we miss the aquarium something awful!! So the zoo it was instead. Checked the banks account, yep we can go! Checked the fridge, yep we can take a lunch with us! Checked the weather, yep we are outta here! I am so glad we went. The kids had a fabulous time, I go to hold hands with my fella, and I got some super cute shots of some of our favorite friends.

What are you looking at?

My little animals
Siri posing for the camera

Its a rough life just lion around.

As per tradition, we just cant go to Syracuse without headed to the mall. This time we finally got to see the new wing that was added. And the kids rode the Carousel with daddy. Who knew riding around in circles could make them so happy.

After we got home, I realized there were still dishes to do, and laundry to fold, and a child who needed a bath (well they both do but the princess was passed out). While J was in the shower I took a moment to try and catch up on my pinterest page. I came across this blog, Hands-Free Mama. I was in tears.

We needed today. Was there whining and crying today? Yes. My kids are 6 and 3. Someone is going to cry or whine, that's just a given. Was there grown-up stuff that could have been done today? Of course. I wouldn't trade today for anything though. I got to laugh at my daughter for being fascinated with the "poop beetles" (dung beetles), and watch my son have moments of such maturity that I forgot he is only 6. It was perfect chaos and I loved it. SO much better than a year ago. A year ago I was headed to Germany. A year ago I didn't know if my husband was going to recognise my face when he woke up. This year is different. This year is ours.

My challenge to you is to put down the phone, the remote, the to-do list and just spend a few minutes with your family. Go do something fun. Just because you CAN.

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